Vertica Wood Milling Machine

Vertica Wood Milling Machine

Woodworking milling machine

Woodworking milling machine is available in two types of mobile hand and fixed table in the market. The fixed table model is also called names such as box milling or floor milling, etc.

Table woodworking milling machine is one of the most widely used and important machines in woodworking and wood industry.

The main application of this machine is to create a form or groove on the edge or surface of wood or cut wood into curved or circular geometric shapes, but by installing various blades on the woodworking milling machine, it can be used for various applications.

Important applications of woodworking milling machine:

  • Create designs and grooves on wood
  • Cut wood into circular or sinusoidal geometric shapes
  • Delicate sanding on edges and grooves.
  • Tabbing and creating two-way

All of the above is possible by changing the types of blades. Dozens and maybe hundreds of different models of different types of blades have been produced in various shapes and applications and are available in the market that craftsmen can prepare according to their needs.

Spanta cnc company is a manufacturer of various woodworking milling machines with a one-year warranty and a 10-year after-sales service commitment throughout the country.


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Sample video of wood table milling machine

فرز نجاری میزی TB32

فرز نجاری میزی TB32

فرز نجاری رومیزی TB32 قدرت موتور 5 KW اندازه میز 70 * 120 cm وزن دستگاه 350 KG قطر شفت ..

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