About Sepanta CNC

Spanta cnc company ,Manufacturer and seller of Wood cnc products in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Armenia


Our products include the following:

  • Types of cnc wood cutting and engraving machines in different dimensions and powers
  • Types of wood turning machines
  • Rotary cnc machines
  • Rotary and flat dual function cnc machines

And soon production:

  • Types of sawing machines
  • Types of suckers
  • Types of vacuum presses

Spanta CNC Company guarantees its products throughout Iran and Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia by having several teams of technical experts, warranty and after-sales service.

All after-sales services of this company are performed within a maximum of 72 hours in all of Iran and within a week in neighboring countries.

The large number of our customers throughout Iran and their satisfaction with after-sales service is a testament to our credibility and authenticity.

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مشاوره آنلاین

Address: No. 112- Fajr 9 – Shahid Dehghan Boulevard – Jafarabad – Mohammadshahr -  Karaj - Iran

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